Sixth Form Redevelopment & Consultation

Redeveloping our Sixth Form

We are excited to be able to provide more information about our plans for the redeveloped academic Sixth Form that is due to open in September 2023 ready for our current Year 10 students to attend.

The newly unveiled Sixth Form centre will have a significant investment and undergo redevelopment providing a contemporary design over two floors. Students will learn in a welcoming and professional environment, in a dedicated Sixth Form Centre with full classrooms, ICT resources, Library, Refectory, Auditorium and Independent Study facilities. We hope that you are as impressed with the new designs as we are.

Hazel Grove Sixth Form will offer an academic curriculum with a range of A Level subjects. 

More information will be provided in due course.

*NB All images subject to planning permission*


Click to see how our new Sixth Form building will look…

*NB All images subject to planning permission*

Admissions consultation

The Laurus Trust is the admissions authority for Hazel Grove High School and is consulting on the admissions policy for entry into the sixth form in September 2023. Sections 1.45-1.48 of the School Admissions Code (2021) require all admissions authorities to formally consult on any proposed changes to their admission arrangements.

The consultation process will run from 9 November to 18 December 2021. If you wish to give your views you must submit your response during this period by completing the response form provided below.

Who is involved in the consultation?

  • parents/carers of children between ages of two and 18
  • other persons in the area who in the opinion of the admission authority have an interest in the proposed admissions
  • all other admission authorities in the local area
  • the Local Authority


Our vision for Hazel Grove Sixth Form

For every student, regardless of background or circumstance, to achieve the A Level grades which will open the door to the future of their choice, including access to the most competitive and prestigious universities and professions.

Rationale for the consultation

Hazel Grove Sixth Form opened in September 2013. Despite a Published Admissions Number (PAN) of 100 students, numbers at the sixth form were falling with only 21 students in the current Year 13. In 2020, admissions to the sixth form were paused for two years to allow us to overhaul nearly every aspect of the sixth form offer. The revised admission arrangements clarifies the vision for students at the sixth form and prioritises students attending Hazel Grove High School. We welcome external applicants who meet the entry requirements.

Please read the proposed admissions arrangements here.

How to respond to the consultation

The consultation runs from 9 November to 18 December 2021. Please respond by completing the form below.

What happens next?

At the end of the consultation period, the Laurus Trust will consider all responses to the proposal and will determine the admission arrangements for 2023/24 by 28 February 2022, at which time they will be published on the school’s website.