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Hazel Grove High School


The Edge

The Edge is an enrichment opportunity that aims to build inter-personal skills sought after and encouraged in employment and further education.
At Hazel Grove High School, we are profoundly committed to prepare students not only for academic success but to develop social and employability skills such as teamwork, co-operation and public speaking. The Edge programs aim to do this by allowing students to work across year groups, develop new skills and present their views, work or performance to audiences.
Students will select four choices (in order of preference) and they will be selected for one Edge programme which they will be part of for Edge day 1, 2, and 3. Although all efforts will be made to ensure students are content with their Edge programme, it is not possible to guarantee any activities. Priority will be given to Y9 then Y8 then Y7 because in Y10 and Y11 bespoke programmes are followed.

We aim to develop:

  • Confidence and resilience
  • Problem solving and social skills
  • Teamwork and co-operation
  • Learning through risk taking
  • Debating skills
  • Decision making
  • Presentation and oracy skills
  • An awareness of global issues

We actively encourage health, fitness and wellbeing therefore alongside these options are additional extracurricular opportunities for students to develop their fitness or finesse in a particular area.
The Edge Days will happen within the school day. The dates are as follows:
Edge Day 1 – Thursday 1st November
Edge Day 2 – Friday 1st February
Edge Day 3 – Wednesday 3rd April