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Hazel Grove High School



At Hazel Grove High School we work hard to ensure that students feel safe and secure, and have a strong sense of belonging. The pastoral system complements and supports academic work of the school and promotes students welfare. Care of the individual and an atmosphere of mutual respects between all members of our community go hand in hand at hazel grove high school, to create a successful learning environment. Indeed this mutual respect lies at the heart of all that we do and reflects our core values.

When a student joins Hazel Grove High School they are placed in a tutor group and into the care of a form tutor. They also join a ‘House’. Each House who has significant pastoral expertise and whose sole responsibility is to ensure the success, happiness, health and well-being of all students in that house.

The distinct House identities are used to encourage healthy competition through sports, attendance, and fund raising.

Throughout the year a number of House activities are scheduled into the school calendar, such as offsite trips, reward celebrations and raising awareness of local community and global issues.