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Supporting Year 11 Parents

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History Revision 

Revision timetable

Maths - Year 11 Revision

Year 11 revision:


One way of supporting revision in Maths is to follow the attached programme using the videos from Mathswatch. Each attachment prescribes a set of videos to watch each week ensuring full coverage of the appropriate grades needed for each group. There is also a checklist to sign off when they have been completed.

There are two types of video – the One Minute Maths and the Full Version. Depending on their confidence they can choose which one is appropriate for their revision. There are also Interactive Questions which can be accessed from the tab at the top. These will allow for quick check-in opportunities to see whether there is full understanding or whether further revision or study is needed.


The website to use is:

Login: MyMaths number @hazelgrovehigh

Password: multiply


Students can speak to their Maths teacher if they are unsure about which sheet is the most appropriate for them to use.


Mathswatch Grades

Grades 2-5

Grades 3-6

Grades 4-7

Grades 4-9